ElevenLabs AI Tool Review Other AI Alternatives for Text-to-Speech

ElevenLabs AI Tool Review Other AI Alternatives for Text-to-Speech

Do you want to locate your digital duplicate? Have you ever desired to speak on YouTube or Podcasts without using them at that particular moment? It’s time to say hi to voice cloning! This Sci-fi-tech has found its way into our lives, particularly through ElevenLabs.

ElevenLabs is an AI voice research and deployment organization striving to make data universally available in all languages and voices. ElevenLabs is a forerunner in the development of new state-of-the-art voice AI since it is a technology research organization. This organization designs some of the most realistic, versatile, and context-aware AI audios by generating speech in almost thirty languages by applying its cutting-edge models and features. Its sophisticated models and functionalities enable it to develop AI capability to produce speech in hundreds of new voices that already exist. 

Know All The Essential AI TOOLS of ElevenLabs


ElevenLabs AI is a software specialized in generating life-like sounding artificial voices through text-to-speech technology. Here are some of the most significant characteristics of Eleven Labs AI:

  • Authentic voices: It is capable of speech that closely mimics human voice complete with the intonations and inflections people usually have.
  • Customizable options: Customizable options are available in this tool. There are various pre-made voices users can select from or create their custom voices like the paid plan that allows them to clone their voice.
  • Text-to-Speech: You can convert simple text into spoken audio in your chosen voice.
  • Multiple applications: It can be used for different purposes like audiobooks, video narration, creating marketing materials, and so on.

In general, AI from Eleven Labs is a tool that can be used by anyone who would like to make audible pieces of text at a very high level of quality. 

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Creating your voice Clone with Elevenlabs

Go through the following EASY STEP to create your voice clone with Elevenlabs:

  • Check out Elevenlabs.io and join the platform by creating your profile. 
  • Buy a premium plan. Settle for the starter pack to clone your voice with the reptile tool as you wish, or take the creator plan or above for pro-quality voice cloning.
  • Go to Voices, and click on Create.
  • Choose “Add Voice” and then the first voice page will appear. 
  • Choose Instant Voice cloning.
  • Input the Voice name and a sample for cloning the voice. 
  • If you want to clone a voice, acknowledge your commitment to the established rules and governing statutes by agreeing to all the terms and conditions. 
  • Click on Add Voice. Your AI voice is ready 
  • Select “Professional Voice Cloning” in step 5 to make a professional voice clone, then click on Proceed for steps 6 and 7.
  • Go to Speech Synthesis to use your Voice.
  • Select the Voice
  • Change Voice settings, if you want.
  • Enter some Text in the text section. 
  • Then Click on Generate.

Where can AI-cloned voice be utilized?

Here are some of the best ways in which you can use your AI-cloned voice:

  • Podcasts and YouTube Recordings: Utilize your AI-cloned voice to give consistency and personalized touch to your audience.
  • Virtual Associates: joining AI-cloned voice into virtual right-hand apps or chatbots incredibly makes strides in client involvement with expectation in interaction.
  • E-learning and Preparing Modules: To make the guidelines fabric and introduction more agreeable, utilize your claim AI-duplicate voice in e-learning courses and preparing modules.
  • Virtual Associates: You may need to blend your AI-duplicate voice into virtual partner applications or Chatbots for a more local and individual feel.
  • Voiceovers for Introductions: Begin making your introductions more instructive and more profound with a cloned voice coordinating audience members through major focuses and concepts.
  • Personalized Informing: you can utilize your AI tool to send birthday wishes to companions and family, for illustration, voicemail welcome, or mechanized reactions.
  • Creative Ventures: AI-cloned voices can be utilized for sound narrating, and music generation, or we can also create uncommon sound effects.
  • Customer Bolster: To make strides in your client bolster administrations and to have a uniform, customized approach toward clients you can join your AI-clone voice into computerized back channels or intelligently voice reaction (IVR) frameworks.

You can improve your computerized nearness, streamline communication, and lock in with your gathering of people in unused and inventive ways if you let AI-cloned voice be utilized over these different stages and applications.


To sum up, this nascent AI voice cloning innovation implies unimaginable opportunities for content creators, corporations, and individuals. Global technology growth company, ElevenLabs offers human beings the opportunity to make personal copies of their voices within no time thereby entering a new sphere of creative possibilities such as writing articles and helping customers at once.

Eleven Labs’ AI tool offers a promising arrangement for text-to-speech needs, giving clients an effective and customizable stage. In any case, investigating elective AI choices for text-to-speech can offer a broader viewpoint and possibly reveal highlights or functionalities that superior suit person inclinations or prerequisites. 

Hence we can say that ElevenLabs is an AI tool that is used to generate life-like sounding artificial voices with the help of text-to-speech technology.


Q. Is ElevenLab free?

Firstly, there is the Free Plan where one gets a chance to create voices up to three custom ones, convert a text into speech in 29 different languages, and is allowed to use up to 10,000 characters a month. In the Starter Plan, which goes for $5/month you can consume thirty thousand symbols as well as generate up to ten unique voice identities.

Q. Is there a free AI voice generator?

You can use Canva’s AI voice generator to convert your text into speech at no cost, thus transforming handwritten scripts and recordings made at home into amazing lifelike narrations.

Q. Is ElevenLabs free for commercial use?

Free Users are only allowed to use Services that are not commercial, whereas if you are a Paid User, can use Services for purposes of commerce.

Q. Who is the owner of ElevenLabs?

Piotr Dabkowski, a former machine learning Engineer at Google, and ex-Palantir deployment strategist Mateusz Staniszewski are founders of Elevenlabs. They founded Elevenlabs in the year 2022.

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